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Welcome to DinoRaid's Donation Store!

If you want to upgrade your faction's experience 
or just want an easier path to greatness, you 
can find multiple packages in our shop!

If you are looking in becoming a donator, do not hesitate! Aside from the immediate perks in the store, you will be enrolled in automatic giveaways, private events hosted by DoniBobes & RGA, and many more exclusive content. We want to thank anyone who has supported the server.

Top Donator:
We reward our donators very seriously because you are the ones keeping the server alive! Every month, the donator with the most donations (displayed on the right) will receive at least $100 in buycraft!

If you're a parent, please read this!
The staff and management team here at DinoRaids know that it may seem a bit worrying to purchase virtual goods for your child. If you are planning on buying any packages, it will be used to buy "booster" packs for the game.